Letter from Our President


Helping customers change the way they work by supporting
their digitalization entry point and all related business reforms


We (PFU) have inherited the DNA of “sincerity“, "tenacity“, "challenging spirit" and “enterprising spirit" from the origins of USAC Electronics, which was founded in Unoke, Ishikawa Prefecture and established its position as the top manufacturer of office computers, and PANAFACOM, the top manufacturer of minicomputers. During the major turning point of structural reform in 2000, we continued to live on without losing our DNA. Based on our "sincere response to customers' expectations" and "commitment to manufacturing and technological capabilities," we created and grew products and services that consistently provide value to customers, such as scanners that continue to produce overwhelming No. 1 products, and high-quality, high-performance computers “faithful and unforgettable solutions and services for customers".

It can be said that the value provided by PFU supports the customer’s digitization entry point and provides the foundation for it. A scanner is an entry point into a PC where documents can be easily processed to support business processing. Embedded computers also contribute indirectly to the digitalization of customers by providing a core unit that can be said to be the foundation and brain of industrial computers. Both multi-vendor maintenance and managed services are the foundation services that make the infrastructure easier to use. We, who have contributed to the entrance and foundation of digitalization of our customers, aim to expand our business to reform the customer‘s business by adding the know-how that we have cultivated through the implementation of office computer, SI and internal business reform.

We will continue evolving edge devices as the gateway to digital services and provide services that support our customers' business process innovation and DX, thereby contributing to changing the way customers work.

President and Representative Director

Seiji Murakami

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