Important Notice

September 1, 2022
PFU Limited

Executive Appointments

PFU Limited today announced that following the completion of the transfer of its shares on September 1st, and the resolutions of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders and the extraordinary meeting of the board of directors on the same date, the following Executive appointments and resignations have been decided.

( ) Current position in brackets

1. Board Members and Audit & Supervisory Board Members (as of September 1st)

Position Name
(new) President and Representative Director
Seiji Murakami
(new) Board Member Yoichi Kanai
Board Member Yasunori Miyauchi
Board Member Yoshiaki Kigoshi
Board Member (Non-Executive) Ryuichi Kubota
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Rieko Shimazu
(new) Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Part Time) Yoshitaka Motomura (General Manager, RICOH Digital Products BU)
(new) Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Part Time) Masaki Kato (General Manager, RICOH Finance Management Department)

2. Resignation (as of September 1st)

Izumi Nagahori (President)
Ryuichi Kubota (Corporate Senior Executive Vice President)
Hidenori Furuta (Non-Executive Board Member)
Tatsuya Aiba (Audit & Supervisory Board Members (Part Time))
Ryuji Kushida (Audit & Supervisory Board Members (Part Time))