Thorndike Medical Centre

Image scanner and software solutions reduce the burden of data requests

The Customer

The Thorndike Medical Centre is based in Rochester, Kent, UK, and looks after 13,000 patients. They looked for ways to cut the time and cost of subject access requests (SARs) fulfillment.

The Challenge

SARs and other requests for information such as medical reports for insurers are time-consuming and mainly manual processes. The SARS production and approval process is a poor fit with general practice work. Requests await fulfillment until staff can find time to begin processing them and doctors have to give up time that they could otherwise spend on patient care, in order to read and approve documents prior to release. In addition, producing the information required by a data request involves significant work for practices because each record requires checking to ensure it does not contain details about third parties.

The Solution

The Thorndike Medical Centre implemented iDocs Bindr® digital redaction solution integrated with fi-7300NX. iDocs software identifies content by user-selected keywords in scanned paper documents and digital documents and permanently redacts potentially regulation-breaching data. The new system overcomes issues such as incomplete data masking associated with manual redaction and also the problem of operator fatigue that naturally occurs with repetitive mundane tasks. SARs fulfillment costs have been reduced significantly in terms of staff time, print costs, and postage.

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