New Release of A3 High-Volume and High-Speed Image Scanners (RICOH fi-8950, RICOH fi-8930 and RICOH fi-8820)

- Maximizing Productivity with Ultra-Fast Scanning & Enduring Daily Duties to Unlock Work Efficiency of Job Operators

Today, PFU Limited (hereinafter “PFU”), the world's leading(1) scanner manufacturer, under the direction of President and Representative Director Seiji Murakami, is launching three new models of A3 ADF(2) production scanners as the new flagships of the fi Series: RICOH fi-8950, RICOH fi-8930, and RICOH fi-8820.

Successors to the RICOH fi-7900 and RICOH fi-7800, which are used in industries that range from financial services to government, healthcare, and business processing outsourcing (BPO), these new high speed and volume models are ideal for centralized scanning.

The fi-8950 contributes to a productive workflow, even for high-volume scanning, with a scanning speed of 150 ppm/300 ipm, the fastest in the fi Series, and a large capacity tray that holds up to 750 sheets at a time. Equipped with the following two functions never before seen in a scanner(3), Automatic Skew Correction and Stapled Documents Detection, the scanner's feeding performance has been improved significantly. Paper jams and damage to documents can be prevented, even in situations where various types of documents are scanned in large bulk.

The Dual Path Mechanism enables feed path switching, to support the scanning of thick documents that cannot be bent. Furthermore, enhanced paper ejection control, which precisely controls paper ejection when scanning small documents and documents with folds, reduces the operators' workload after scanning. Equipped with a 4.3-inch large touch screen, wired LAN connectivity, and an imprinter option, these models fit into various business and infrastructure environments.

PFU supports a revolution in digital transformation and business processes, with these revamped flagship models as indispensable edge devices to achieving digitization.

RICOH fi-8950
(ADF, Duplex)


With the expansion of digital transformation, document digitization has become fundamental to today's business model innovations, as document digitization is required to realize a flexible working style that does not adhere to the concept of set hours in a singular office. It is also necessary to input data into automated business processes that utilize state-of-the-art AI and robot technology.

As the need for the document digitization grows, even higher work efficiency for centralized scanning is required in industries such as finance, healthcare, and business processing outsourcing (BPO), where operators need to handle documents of increasing variety and volume every day.

The new flagship models of the fi Series are built to improve the efficacy of your business, thanks to the implementation of new functions, inspired by various customer requests and modern business demands.


1. High speed and high volume scanning accompanied by top-class accurate feeding

Fastest scanning among the fi Series at 150 ppm

The fi-8950 achieves scanning speeds of 150 ppm/300 ipm (A4 landscape, color, 200/300 dpi), and can hold up to 750 sheets at a time (1.5 times the previous model). The scanner is highly optimized for centralized scanning.

The world's first(3) Automatic Skew Correction automatically aligns skewed documents

Automatic Skew Correction utilizes independently-moving right and left rollers to straighten documents before scanning, even those that are significantly skewed. It prevents paper jams caused by skew and provides stable feeding performance, even when scanning a large amount of documents and thin papers or a batch of documents that has smaller documents mixed in. It is also equipped with a function to neatly eject papers. (Patent pending in Japan)

The world's first(3) Stapled Documents Detection avoids trouble that may arise due to staples

The new models come with Stapled Documents Detection. This function prevents stapled documents from being scanned, no matter where the position of the staple is. When a high-precision sensor at the feeding section detects abnormal lifting of the documents, this function stops document feeding immediately. In addition, because the function is precise enough to let folded documents and curled documents pass, a state which tends to be mistakenly recognized as stapled, it can be used as a standard daily function. (Patent pending in Japan)
This function realizes stable scanning by stopping stapled documents from being fed before an abnormal sound or skew occurs, even in batch scanning, where staples are easily overlooked.

2. Improved scanning efficiency with new functions that meets customers' needs

Dual Path Mechanism supports thick paper envelopes

With the new Straight Scan's ability to eject documents to the backside, you can scan documents up to 1.25 mm thick, such as cardstock or cardboard envelopes, which cannot be bent. In addition, the new models are equipped with the Manual Feed Mode, the same function found on the well-received previous models, with which you can scan bi-folded documents and multi-layered receipts as is.

Ejected papers are organized with enhanced paper ejection control

The structure and the mechanism of the paper outlet have been changed to greatly improve the post-scanning ejection performance. The brake amount is instantly adjusted according to the size and position of each document, so small documents can be scanned at high speed and then neatly stacked in the order in which they were scanned.
The function also improves the output of folded or curled documents, preventing the previous document from being pushed off the stacker or paper jams at the paper outlet. The scanner makes it easy for operators to collect scanned documents, so they can focus on their scanning duties without any hassle or fuss, even when handling documents of various sizes.

Equipped with a 4.3-inch large touch screen

A large and easy-to-read touch screen enables intuitive operation, including checking the status of the scanner. Error notifications on the touch screen contain illustrations to assist the operator in resolving the errors smoothly.

List price and release date

List prices and release schedules vary by region.

About PFU

Since its founding in 1960, PFU has been headquartered in Ishikawa, Japan and expanding its business globally. In 2022, PFU joined the Ricoh Group. Based on the technologies cultivated through computer development, we provide a total range of IT-related products and services, including hardware such as image scanners and embedded computers, security and document management software and services, IT infrastructure building, and multi-vendor services in partnership with other companies.
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  1. (1)The data is based on the market share of document scanners. The market share data for Japan and North America is based on the records of 2022 collected by KEYPOINT INTELLIGENCE (Info Trends) for 6 segments of document scanners excluding Mobile/Micro scanners. Collected records are mainly about document scanners with a speed of more than 8ppm. The market share data for Europe is based on the records of 2022 collected by infoSource in Western Europe (including Turkey and Greece).
  2. (2)ADF refers to Automatic Document Feeder.
  3. (3)Among image scanners from manufacturers worldwide. Based on a study by PFU as of Dec. 12, 2023.


  1. ・PaperStream is a registered trademark or trademark of PFU Limited in Japan.
  2. ・Product names and company names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

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