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ScanSnap N1800 Security Update Software

Software Download

Please check the below before downloading "N1800 Security updated software".

Operating environment

Scanner Model Part Number System Revision
N1800 PA03609-B001
Earlier than S11-07
Note: If the Security update version is later than S11-07, the Security update is not required.

Downloading "N1800 Security update software "

Click on [Download] below to download the updated software on the hard disk.

Security update S11-07

[Download] icon-download SecuritySoftware_N1800_S11-07.exe (140MB)

Contents of change


  • This is a security update for security incidents that occurred until the end of May 2017. This fixes vulnerabilities including the risk of being attacked by the ransomware through secondary infection.

How to update

  1. Download and double-click "SecuritySoftware_N1800_S11-07.exe". This creates the update file "SecuritySoftware_N1800_S11-07” on the hard disk.
  2. Install the update file via Network Scanner Admin Tool or Scanner Central Admin Console. Instructions on how to install the update are available from the following sources.
    • For installation via Network Scanner Admin Tool
      ScanSnap N1800 Network Scanner Operator's Guide
    • For installation via Central Admin Console
      Scanner Central Admin User's Guide