Certificates: SP Series

The Certificates listed below have been updated with the latest information.


Under construction

Taiwan RoHS



Under construction

This product does not contain 6 hazardous substances in accordance with article 16(1) in The e-waste (Management) Rules,2022.

Disposal and Recycle of Used Products

Please dispose of this product appropriately by handing over to authorized collection center or registered dismantler or recycler.
Disposing correctly will help to protect human health and the environment.


Our scanners comply with the UK Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act.
Security requirements for manufacturers set out in SCHEDULE 1 of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (Security Requirements for Relevant Connectable Products).
Regulations 2023 relating to

  1. Passwords
  2. Information on how to report security issues; and
  3. Information on minimum security update periods

For customers using our scanners:

  1. Where the password is indicated and how it is set may have changed for existing scanners.
  2. Your scanner may require software updates.

End of Support Date
*The date when the security support is terminated.
*The date is subject to change without notice. Please check the latest date.

Refer to the "Manuals" and "Software Downloads" sections of the following web pages



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