June 6, 2023
About the termination of distribution and support of ScanSnap Manager

We would like to inform you that the distribution and support of our driver software “ScanSnap Manager” will be terminated in October 2024, as we have already ceased the provision of its new functions.
In October 2018, we launched its successor software, “ScanSnap Home”, and we are committed to continuing to update the functionality of ScanSnap Home to meet customer expectations.
If you are currently using "ScanSnap Manager", we recommend transferring to the successor software "ScanSnap Home" by October 31, 2024.

End date of download and support for ScanSnap Manager

End date: October 31, 2024

About ScanSnap Home

ScanSnap Home is an all-in-one software specially designed for ScanSnap scanners. You can organize, manage, and edit data with ease of use.
With the update released in March 2023, it is now provided as license-free software for more convenient use.

Please refer to the Specifications tab of ScanSnap Home for supported models, operating systems, and other information.

For details on ScanSnap Home updates, please visit us at https://www.pfu.ricoh.com/imaging/ss_hist/.

ScanSnap Home also allows migration of the "Quick Menu" function of ScanSnap Manager, as well as data and settings from software such as ScanSnap Organizer and CardMinder.
Please refer to Tips & Tricks of ScanSnap Home for details.



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