ScanSnap Online Update Help (Mac OS)

ScanSnap Online Update is an application that checks for the latest updates of ScanSnap related software and available software programs, and installs the updates and software programs.

For ScanSnap related software, refer to the following:

ScanSnap related software updates and related software programs are available on our download server, and you can install them, free of charge.

It is recommended that you apply the latest updates to enhance security, operability, and functions.

The main features of ScanSnap Online Update are as follows:

  • The latest updates and available software programs are checked for regularly on the download server, and notified if they are available.

  • All ScanSnap related software programs can be installed together.

  • You will be notified of a new function when it becomes available.

  • You can check update information and select which software to update as needed.

  • If you participate in the ScanSnap Improvement Program, your information on the use of the ScanSnap will be sent to us in order to enhance the convenience and usability of the ScanSnap.

  • ScanSnap Online Update is installed together with ScanSnap Home.

    For the system requirements, refer to the ScanSnap Help.

  • When notifying you of available software programs, we will encrypt and collect the following information via the Internet.

    Any personal information that identifies you is not included.

    • ScanSnap models

    • The operating system type and the language used on your computer

  • If you participate in the ScanSnap Improvement Program, information that is sent does not include any personal information such as your name. Also, the information is encrypted and sent so that no one can read the information.