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Digital Binder System "Rack2-Filer Smart"

Support for Rack2-Filer Smart ends as of September 30th, 2023. Thank you for using our application.
In rare cases, Rack2-Filer Smart Customers may encounter data loss when exiting the program while running OCR.
Please see the link below for further details.

Anytime! Anywhere! Easily! Digital bookshelf usable by anyone!

Rack2-Filer Smart allows you to manage, view, and edit data as if you are handling actual binders in a bookshelf.

Scan books easily when connected to ScanSnap SV600

Rack2-Filer Smart supports ScanSnap SV600.
The Easy book creation function can reproduce a digitized book with the same cover, spine and size of the book on the virtual bookshelf.
*Available to V1.0L20 or later.

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Rack2-Filer Smart