Important Notice

January 4, 2023
PFU Limited

Notice of PFU’s Shenzhen branch’s company name change

January 3, 2023 - Fujitsu South China Limited (Shenzhen), a wholly owned sub-subsidiary of PFU, a leading company in document scanners, announced that it has changed its name to PFU Shenzhen Limited.

“China occupies an important position in the global market, and PFU Shenzhen Limited is one of the important companies of the PFU Group. We promise to continue to make further efforts for the development of our customers and companies in China, and for the realization of a sustainable society, with high-quality, high-value-added products and solutions.” said Seiji Murakami, president of PFU Limited.

PFU Shenzhen Limited’s press release (in Chinese) is available here.