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fi Series Online Update

Target OS

Windows® 11 / Windows® 10
Windows Server® 2022 / Windows Server® 2019 / Windows Server® 2016

For more details about the supported operating system editions, refer to the manual of the scanner model you are using.

Download Programs

Download the software to your hard disk by clicking the "Download" link below.

[Download] fi Series Online Update
icon-download  OLU12380.exe (22,366,112 Bytes)


New features:

  1. PaperStream Improvement Program is now supported.
  2. The Online Update now notifies different versions of Software as below.
    We recommend upgrading your OS if you want to use the latest software.

    PaperStream IP PaperStream Capture PaperStream ClickScan
    Windows® XP 1.30.0 Install error Not notified
    Windows Vista®, Windows® 8 1.42.0 Not notified Not notified
    Windows Server® 2008 1.60.0 Not notified Not notified
    Windows 7®, Windows® 8.1,
    Windows Server® 2008 Standard R2
    3.10.0 Not notified Not notified
    Windows Server® 2012 Standard,
    Windows Server® 2012 Standard R2
    3.20.0 Not notified Not notified
    Other than the above 3.30.0 or later 4.0.0 or later 1.4.0 or later


  1. Fixed other minor problems.

PDF Software change history

Installation Instructions

For details on how to install and how to confirm version information after installation, refer to PDF Installation Instructions.


  • Connect only the scanner that needs to be updated when running the firmware update.
  • When you select [Run as different user] in Windows® XP to perform the firmware update, the following message may appear:
    "The scanner with firmware to be updated is not connected, or it is being used by another application." In this case, log on Windows as an administrator before updating the firmware.
  • The update may fail while another installation is in progress. In that case, complete that installation, and then run the update