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PaperStream IP (TWAIN) 3.10.0

Target OS

Windows® 11 / Windows® 10 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 7
Windows Server® 2022 / Windows Server® 2019 / Windows Server® 2016 / Windows Server® 2012 R2 / Windows Server® 2012 / Windows Server® 2008 R2

For more details about the supported operating system editions, refer to the manual of the scanner model you are using.

Download Programs

As from June 16, 2020, customers who have purchased the fi Series can install and use the "PaperStream IP driver" on an unlimited number of computers regardless of the "END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT" for the software.

[Download] PaperStream IP (TWAIN) 3.10.0
icon-download  PSIPTWAIN-3_10_0.exe (228,970,504 Bytes)

[Download] PaperStream IP (TWAIN) 3.10.0
icon-download  PSIPTWAIN-3_10_0.iso (265,027,584 Bytes)

SHA-256: 636408b5c45877dd70c17eda9db33990ecd52e334670c76ffc1cfb81b9d8f61e

Please refer to the icon-pdf README prior to use.


V3 Service Update 2

New features:

  1. Scanners with IPv6 addresses are now supported.
    (Target scanners: fi-8190, fi-8290, fi-8170, fi-8270, fi-8150, fi-8250)
    * The scanner firmware version must be updated to 0E00 or later.
  2. You can now change the quality of images transferred from the scanner when the scanner is connected to a network and used.
    (Supported by PaperStream IP driver 3.6.0 or later)
    (Target scanners: fi-8190, fi-8290, fi-8170, fi-8270, fi-8150, fi-8250)

PDF Software change history

Installation Instructions

For details on how to install and how to confirm version information after installation, refer to PDF Installation Instructions.