We make it a must for the human eye to check because our customers are also human.
Each and every product has passed strict quality standards.

Reliable Support for Responding to Customer Needs

Perfection can never be achieved but it can be striven for.
Having such a varied customer base means that we provide comprehensive support in the hope of enabling our products to be used with ease by everyone.

High Quality Support that Resolves Customer Problems

Experienced staff and support knowledge database, which have accumulated much expertise over the years, provide in-depth support for old and new models alike. In addition to phone and e-mail support, we offer fast issue resolutions with our "Remote Maintenance Support", in which support personnel can assist with troubleshooting via remote connection.

As a Professional Group to Support Customer Business

Scanners are often utilized in core business activities and so, must deliver stable operation. Considering that our products are used in various environments, our knowledgeable engineers provide customers with complete business support in the case of trouble. As experts in the field, they head over right away and resolve issues quickly on the spot.

Product Development that Revolves Around Customer Voices

The support department, situated closest to customers, also plays a crucial role in providing customer reviews in product development stages. Such reviews are comprised of customer requests, suggestions, and expectations—including even subtle messages—aimed towards Ricoh products. In this way, hints toward creation of new added value is found by seeking the true nature of what the customer perceives as the problem and offering this as feedback during development.

An effective customer-oriented product development cycle is made possible thanks to this close connection to our end users' experiences.

Precise Global Support Well Versed in Local Affairs

Support personnel at headquarters, highly experienced in domestic product development and local support in regions such as America, Europe, and Asia, offer strong backup to distributors abroad. Utilizing definite technological prowess and flexibility in responding to customers, cultivated by development experience and local support respectively, they offer precise support in line with situations and cultural aspects in each country. Programs necessary for maintaining stable product functions and quality are also made available online to download globally.

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