[Important Notice]
Revision of the Privacy Policy Regarding the Use of the ScanSnap Products and Related Services

Publication date:May 31st , 2022
PFU Limited

Thank you for using the ScanSnap products and ScanSnap Cloud.

For you to use our products and services more reliably than before, we will consolidate the contents about "managing personal information," which have been provided in parts in multiple documents such as the Terms of Service, into the Privacy Policy regarding the use of the ScanSnap products and related services.
Along with this revision of the Privacy Policy, we will also make revisions to documents such as the Terms of Service (for example, to delete the duplicated contents included in the Privacy Policy).

The above revisions will not introduce new ways of managing personal information (such as changing the items in personal information to be collected and the purpose of use).
You are not required to take any action regarding this email.

PFU will continue to manage personal information properly based on the Privacy Policy.
We hope to receive your continued patronage for years to come.

  1. Date of revision
    May 31st ,2022

Imaging Support Department, PFU Limited
E-mail: scanners@pfu.fujitsu.com

Thank you for your continued use of our product.

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