August 31, 2022
ScanSnap enhances photo functionality! Recognizes dates on photos and automatically embeds as Exif data. Eliminates limitations on searchable PDFs in ScanSnap Cloud

Following the enhancements on photo functionality in updates from October 2021 and March 2022, ScanSnap Home now records dates printed on photos as Exif metadata to provide a better user experience.* Your precious photos can now be scanned and sorted speedily and easily in volumes, just by scanning with ScanSnap.

*This function is applicable with "Photos" as the document type, "JPEG" as the file format; and when "PC (Manage in ScanSnap Home)" is set in "Type" or "Scan to Folder" is set in "Application".

The generation of searchable PDFs is now unlimited, whereas previously there was a limit of 500 pages per month when saving via ScanSnap Cloud. You can now archive and save large quantities of documents as searchable PDFs to cloud storage without worrying about the limit.
In addition, more date and time variations are added as options to name files in a profile.

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