April 6, 2023
PFU scanners that have the largest share in the global market are rebranded in April 2023 under the Ricoh brand

PFU Limited (hereinafter "PFU"), under the direction of President and Representative Director Seiji Murakami, is rebranding its image scanners, that boast the largest market share globally*1, from the Fujitsu brand to the Ricoh brand. Affected products include the fi Series, the SP Series, and the ScanSnap Series.

Upon completion of the company’s stock transfer on September 1, 2022, PFU joined the Ricoh Group, entering the next stage in its 60+ year history. At this time, the company's flagship scanning business is also coming under the Ricoh brand from April 2023.
For more details on the rebranding of PFU scanners, visit the Press Release page.

*1 The data is based on the market share of document scanners. The market share data for Japan and North America is based on the records of 2021 collected by KEYPOINT INTELLIGENCE (Info Trends) for 6 segments of document scanners excluding Mobile/Micro scanners.
Collected records are mainly about document scanners with a speed of more than 8ppm.
The market share data for Europe is based on the records of 2021 collected by infoSource in Western Europe (including Turkey and Greece).

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