Scanning Books Using Page Turning Detection (SV600)

This section explains how to detect page turning to start scanning automatically.


When the installation environment of the ScanSnap or the specification of the book to be scanned encounters any of the following, use timed mode to scan a document.

  • Installation environment of the ScanSnap
    • The ScanSnap is installed under direct sunlight
    • The ScanSnap is installed under lighting that emits a lot of infrared rays such as incandescent lamps
    • The ScanSnap is under uneven lighting caused by some environmental factors such as the use of a spotlight
    • An object other than the book to be scanned is placed on the Background Pad
    • A device that emits infrared light such as a heater is placed near the ScanSnap
    • Movement of shadow such as a person appears on the Background Pad
  • Book specifications

    Books that are smaller than A4 (210 × 297 mm)/Letter (8.5 × 11 in. (216 × 279.4 mm)) when opened in a double-page spread

    Example: Comic books or pocket edition books

When scanning a document, you can also enable page turning detection by holding down the [Scan] button on the ScanSnap for 2 seconds or longer. In this case, when one scanning operation is finished, the page turning detection returns to disabled.

  1. Right-click the ScanSnap Manager icon Communicating in the notification area located at the far right of the taskbar, and select the [Scan Button Settings] from the Right-Click Menu.
    • The ScanSnap setup window appears.
  2. In the ScanSnap Setup Window, select the [Scanning] tab, and click the [Option] button.
    ScanSnap Setup Window
    • The [Scanning mode option] window appears.
  3. Select the [Configure settings for starting the next scan] checkbox and then [Page turning detection mode].
    Scanning mode option
  4. Click the [OK] button to close all the windows.
  5. Open the page of a book you want to scan and place the book in the scan area of the ScanSnap.

    For details, refer toHow to Place Documents (SV600).

  6. Press the [Scan] button on the ScanSnap to start scanning the book.
    • The [ScanSnap Manager - Image scanning and file saving] window appears.
    • Once the scanning of the book page is complete, [Turn the page.] appears on the [ScanSnap Manager - Image scanning and file saving] window.
  7. Open the next page to be scanned.

    Turn the pages at a constant speed. The recommended page turning speed is approximately one to two seconds per page.

    Turning a Page
    • The page turning is detected and continuous scanning starts.
    • While the [Turn the page.] message appears on the [ScanSnap Manager - Image scanning and file saving] window, if you hold or move your hand over the Background Pad, such motion may be incorrectly detected as page turning.
    • If continuous scanning does not start after a page is turned, click the [Continue Scanning] button in the [ScanSnap Manager - Image scanning and file saving] window or press the [Scan] button on the ScanSnap.
    • To make page turning easy to detect, turn each page as follows:
      • Pinch the bottom part of the page and turn it.
      • Keep the page straight when turning it.
    • You can change the time before the ScanSnap starts to scan a document after page turning is detected.

      On the [Scanning mode option] window shown in step 3, select the [Specify the waiting time to start scanning after pressing the [Scan] button] checkbox, and change [Waiting time].

    • To continue scanning, repeat step 7.
  8. To finish scanning, click the [Finish Scanning] button or press the [Stop] button on the ScanSnap.