ScanSnap Advanced Operation Guide (Windows)


To use all the functions described in this manual, update the software and the firmware to the latest version.

Reading of Model Information in This Manual

  • When you are using iX1600

    Read the model name "iX1500" as "iX1600".

  • When you are using iX1400

    Read the model name "iX1500" as "iX1400".

    However, iX1400 does not support the function for wireless LAN connection. Skip over descriptions about wireless LAN.

  • When you are using iX1300

    Read the model name "iX1500" as "iX1300".

    However, iX1300 has the following two scanning methods: "U-turn Scan" and "Return Scan"

    For details about how to perform a scan, refer to here in the Basic Operation Guide.

    Because there are two scanning methods for iX1300, the setting items in the ScanSnap setup window for the iX1300 are different which are shown below.

    • [Scanning] tab

      • The [Feed option] button is displayed.

        You can specify a feeding method for U-turn Scan and Return Scan in the [Feed option] window that appears when you click the [Feed option] button.

      • The [Merge both side images] checkbox is displayed in the [Scanning mode option] window that appears when you click the [Option] button.

        You can automatically merge the front and back side of an image created by scanning a document using Return Scan and save the merged image as a single image.

        For details, refer to here in the Basic Operation Guide.

    • [Paper] tab

      The available setting items for each scanning method (U-turn Scan and Return Scan) are displayed.

References for Latest Information on the ScanSnap

  • Information on Hardware

    For the latest information on the setup procedure, basic operations, and the cleaning procedure for the ScanSnap, refer to Basic Operation Guide.

  • Information on Software

    For details about the supported operating systems for the software, refer to here.

    For details about the software that can be used with the ScanSnap, refer to here.