The Image Is Not Saved in a Cloud Storage Service

Causes and solutions for uploaded images not being saved in a cloud storage service when the ScanSnap Cloud service is used are explained below.

The issue may be caused by the following:

  • An error occurred during an upload.

  • Although uploading is complete, the image has not been saved.

  • The storage capacity of the cloud storage service has been exceeded.

  • An image is saved in a storage for a different account in the cloud storage service.


Start up the ScanSnap Cloud application and check the scan history list. In the scan history list, you can check the upload status, the save status of an uploaded image, whether an error occurred or not, and the storage destination of an uploaded image.

  • When an error is shown in the scan history list

    Follow the message to solve the problem.

    • By tapping the [Change doc. type] button, you can save the image to another cloud storage service.
    • By clicking the [Save again] button, you can save the image to the same cloud storage service.
  • When one of the following messages appears in the scan history list: [Sending], [Processing], or [Saving to the service]

    It may take a long time for the image to be saved in a cloud storage service after uploading. Wait until a message indicating that the image is being processed disappears and then check the save status from a cloud storage service.


    The time taken to save the image in a cloud storage service may be reduced by disabling the setting for creating a searchable PDF file or by setting the same language as the one used for the document.

    Perform the following procedure to change the setting:

    1. Tap Navigation Menu on the main screen.

    2. Tap [Settings].

    3. Tap [Scan settings].

    4. Tap a document type or [Detailed setting].

    5. Tap [File format].

    6. Set [Convert to Searchable PDF] to off. Or, for [Target language], set the same language as the one used for the document instead of setting [Auto].

  • When the [Wait to send] message is shown in the scan history list

    Check the status of your network environment.

    If [Upload the data only when a Wi-Fi connection is established] is set to on, the data waits to be sent until a Wi-Fi connection is established.

    Uploading will start again automatically when there is a Wi-Fi connection.