Unsure What to Prepare before Setup

Prepare the following before the ScanSnap Cloud application setup:
  • ScanSnap that supports Wi-Fi connection

    The following ScanSnap models support Wi-Fi connection:

    • ScanSnap iX1600

    • ScanSnap iX1500

    • ScanSnap iX1300

    • ScanSnap iX500

    • ScanSnap iX100

  • A ScanSnap account or a valid e-mail address

    Use a ScanSnap account to set up the ScanSnap Cloud service.

    If you do not obtain a ScanSnap account, prepare an e-mail address to be used as a ScanSnap account.

  • A cloud storage service account to save images

    Obtain a cloud storage service account to save images.


    Depending on the cloud storage service to be used, the setup may not be completed if you obtain just the account. Log in to the cloud storage service first on an application supported by the cloud storage service or a web browser.