Disabling the Privacy Separator Function on the Wireless Access Point

To use the ScanSnap, the ScanSnap to be used needs to be registered with the ScanSnap Cloud service. Use the ScanSnap Cloud application to register the ScanSnap.

If you use a mobile device to perform the registration, disable the privacy separator function on the wireless access point. As long as this function is enabled, you cannot perform the registration.

If you cannot disable this function, connect the ScanSnap to a computer with a USB cable, and use ScanSnap Home on the computer to configure the ScanSnap.

For details about operating ScanSnap Home, refer to here in the ScanSnap Help.

How to Check

To check the settings of the wireless access point, use a Web browser, dedicated software, or other tools.

If the privacy separator function is enabled, disable it.

For details, refer to the relevant manuals or the Web site of your wireless access point or contact the manufacturer.

Example of Changing the Settings from the Web Browser

Example of Changing the Settings from the Web Browser


The privacy separator function prevents wireless devices from communicating with each other via a mobile router to further enhance security.

Privacy Separator Function (Enabled)Privacy Separator Function (Disabled)

This function may not be disabled, depending on the mobile router.