Points that Need to Be Noted before the Setup

Check the points that need to be noted before setting up the ScanSnap Cloud service.

To use the ScanSnap Cloud service, a ScanSnap account is required.

Use a ScanSnap account to set up the ScanSnap Cloud service.

If you do not have a ScanSnap account, follow the instructions displayed when you start up the ScanSnap Cloud application in order to create an account.

Multiple accounts can be registered with one ScanSnap unit.

One ScanSnap unit can be shared with multiple accounts by switching profiles on the touch panel.

Number of Accounts that Can Be Registered

The Service Can Be Used via a Mobile Router or via the Tethering Function of a Mobile Device

If you connect the ScanSnap to a mobile router or the tethering function of a mobile device, you can use the ScanSnap Cloud service while you are on the go.

However, public wireless LAN services are not supported.

To Use the Tethering Function, Another Mobile Device Is Required for Tethering

When you use the tethering function on a mobile device to set up or use the ScanSnap Cloud service, a mobile device other than the mobile device on which you install the ScanSnap Cloud application is required for tethering.

At the time of the setup

Setting Up the Service via Tethering

After the setup process is complete

Using the Service via Tethering

System Requirements

For details about the system requirements for the ScanSnap Cloud application, refer to the following:

For details about the system requirements for using the ScanSnap Cloud service in ScanSnap Home, refer to the ScanSnap Help.