Documents That Can Be Loaded Directly into the ScanSnap

Office paper, postcards, and business cards can be loaded directly into the ScanSnap for scanning.

Eject method (*1)

With the output guide closed

With the output guide open

Document type

Office paper, postcards, business cards

Plastic cards conforming to the ISO7810 ID-1 type (54 × 86 mm/3.37 × 2.13 in.) (*2)

Office paper

Paper weight

52 to 209 g/m2 (14 to 56 lb)

Plastic cards

0.76 mm (0.03 in.) or less (embossed cards can be used)

52 to 80 g/m2 (14 to 21 lb)

Paper size


25.4 to 216 mm (1 to 8.5 in.)

For a dual scan, a total width of 200 mm (7.87 in.) or less for two documents


25.4 to 863 mm (1 to 34 in.)


For details about the eject methods, refer to Parts and Functions of the ScanSnap.


A dual scan cannot be used for plastic cards.

  • The following types of documents must not be scanned:
    • Documents attached with the metals such as paper clips or staples that can damage the inside of the ScanSnap

      Remove the metals for scanning.

    • Documents on which the ink is still wet

      Wait until the ink dries completely to scan these documents.

    • Documents larger than 216 × 863 (mm)/8.5 × 34 (in.) (width × length)

    • Documents other than paper such as fabric, metal foil and OHP film

  • When you scan picture postcards, be aware that the picture side may get damaged. It is the responsibility of the customer to scan picture postcards.

  • Be careful of the following when you scan plastic cards:

    • Cards that are bent may not be fed properly.

    • If the surface of the card is dirty with grease marks such as fingerprints, perform scanning after wiping the dirt off.

    • Insert the plastic card straight into the feeding section of the ScanSnap. Do not tilt the plastic card when you insert it because the plastic card may not be fed properly.

    • When you scan plastic cards with strong luster, some parts of the image may appear lighter or darker than the original.


      gold colored credit card

    • When you scan an embossed card, insert it in the direction shown below.

      Inserting Direction for Embossed Cards