ScanSnap Cloud Service

  • Images will be saved in a cloud storage service after they are sorted into four document types.

    Images scanned with the ScanSnap are automatically sorted into either document, business card, receipt, or photograph, and saved to a relevant cloud storage service by the ScanSnap Cloud service.

    Photo images of documents that were taken with the camera function are sorted into either document, business card, receipt, or photograph according to the document type that is specified manually beforehand, and saved to a relevant cloud storage service.

  • A file is named with a character string extracted from the document, business card, or receipt.

    Files of images that are sorted as a document, business card, or receipt are named automatically with the character string that was extracted from the images.

  • Original images can be stored temporarily.

    They are kept for two weeks as history.

  • Images can be optimized.

    Images scanned with the ScanSnap are optimized by deskewing them and removing blank pages.

  • Searchable PDF files can be created.

    Text in the image can be automatically recognized, and a searchable PDF file can be created.

ScanSnap Cloud Application

  • In order to use the ScanSnap Cloud service quickly, setting up ScanSnap Cloud has been made easy.

    You can set up ScanSnap Cloud by following the instructions on the screen. Set up in the following procedure.

    • Registering a ScanSnap Cloud service account

    • Specifying a cloud storage service to save an image

    • Connecting the ScanSnap to a wireless LAN (Using the ScanSnap)

  • A scan history can be checked.

    You can check the scan date and time, file name, and cloud storage service of the image.

    You can also transfer an image to another cloud storage service, or rename the file. In addition, the scan history and photo history are kept for two weeks.

  • The settings for the ScanSnap Cloud service, such as the scan settings can be changed.

    From the ScanSnap Cloud application, you can change the color mode or image quality, add a wireless access point or a ScanSnap model, or configure the other settings.

    In addition, you can use the ScanSnap Home application to configure the settings in multiple profiles. This makes the ScanSnap Cloud service more useful.

    For details about how to use the ScanSnap Home application, refer to here in the ScanSnap Help.

  • You can save an image in a cloud storage service with ease by simply taking a photo of a document with the camera function.

    Hold the camera so that the document is at the center of the screen. Then the camera automatically recognizes and crops only the area of the document that is used for taking a photo.

    For details about how to use the camera function, refer to About the Camera Function.