[File format] Screen

The [File format] screen in the ScanSnap Cloud application allows you to specify the file format in which images are saved, and to set the conditions for converting to searchable PDF files.

The [File format] screen consists of the following items:

File format

Specify a file format in which the image is saved.

The following file formats are available:

  • PDF

    Creates a PDF file (*.pdf) from the image.

    Select this option to save multiple pages together as a single PDF file.

  • PDF (Create per page)

    Creates a PDF file (*.pdf) from the image for each page.

  • JPEG

    Creates a JPEG file (*.jpg) from the image.

    JPEG files are created for each page.

Convert to Searchable PDF

Setting this option to on automatically recognizes text in the image and creates a searchable PDF file.

Target language

Specify the language for text recognition.

If you select [Auto], priority is given to the language for the region that is specified when you create your ScanSnap account.