Changing the E-mail Address for Your ScanSnap Account

The e-mail address used for your ScanSnap account can be changed in the ScanSnap Cloud application.
  1. Tap Navigation Menu on the main screen.

    A navigation bar appears.

  2. Tap [Settings].

    The [Settings] screen appears.

  3. Tap [Account].

    The [Account] screen appears.

  4. Tap [Change e-mail address].

    The [Change e-mail address] screen appears.

  5. Enter the new e-mail address that you want to use for your ScanSnap account, and enter the current password.

    If you receive e-mails only from specified domains or deny e-mails from specified domains, allow e-mails sent from the domain "" to be received.

  6. Tap the [Change] button.

    The [Verify e-mail address] screen appears.

    In addition, an e-mail that confirms the change is sent to the new e-mail address.

  7. In [Confirmation code] on the [Verify e-mail address] screen, enter the confirmation code that is shown in the confirmation e-mail.
  8. Tap the [Confirm the code] button.

    The e-mail address for your ScanSnap account is changed.

  • If you use ScanSnap Cloud with multiple mobile devices, you need to log into ScanSnap Cloud service again from these mobile devices because the information for your ScanSnap account has been changed.

  • If two-factor authentication is enabled for the ScanSnap account, you need to log into ScanSnap Cloud service again from all the mobile devices that you use ScanSnap Cloud with.