A File Name Is Not Extracted Correctly

If a file name is not extracted correctly when you use the ScanSnap Cloud service, perform the following in order to change the language setting:
  1. Tap Navigation Menu on the main screen.

  2. Tap [Settings].

  3. Tap [Scan settings].

  4. Tap a document type or [Detailed setting].

  5. Tap [File naming rule].

  6. Tap [Language of document] and set the same language as the one used for the document instead of setting [Auto].

If the problem persists even after taking the above actions, perform the following to change the file name manually:

  1. In the scan history list, tap a scan history to change the file name.

  2. Tap [Change] that is displayed on the right side of the file name above the preview.

  3. Enter a file name in the file name field.

  4. Tap [Done].