Both the ScanSnap Cloud Service and ScanSnap Manager Are Available for Use

When the ScanSnap is able to communicate with both the ScanSnap Cloud service and ScanSnap Manager, the ScanSnap communicates with ScanSnap Manager by default.

To prioritize the communication with the ScanSnap Cloud service, perform the following:

  1. If your computer runs Windows, right-click the ScanSnap Manager icon ScanSnap Manager Icon in the notification area at the far right of the taskbar on the computer.

    If your computer runs a Mac OS, click the ScanSnap Manager icon ScanSnap Manager Icon in the Dock while holding down the [control] key on the keyboard.

  2. Select [ScanSnap Cloud] from the menu that appears to show the check mark before the selected menu item.


If you use the ScanSnap Cloud service together with ScanSnap Manager, update ScanSnap Manager to the latest version. For details about how to update ScanSnap Manager, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help.


If you select [ScanSnap Cloud] that has the check mark before it, the check mark disappears and the communication with ScanSnap Manager is prioritized.