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Press Release -July 14, 2008-

"iScanner"-The Birth of a New Network Scanner Brand!
PFU Limited Announces the Launching of the iScanner fi-6010N

PFU Limited (President Fujio Wajima, Tokyo Headquarters, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) announced the Japanese launch of its newest network scanner, the FUJITSU iScanner fi-6010N, which perfectly meets the needs of the constantly evolving Internet environment. (Shipments began on July 14, 2008)

fi-6010NPFU Limited has fused its global share leading (*1) FUJITSU brand fi-Series technology with technology that meets the ever changing environment of today's evolving Internet. The result is the birth of a new network scanner(*2) brand-the advanced network linking and centralized administration supporting iScanner fi-6010N.
PFU Limited launched the fi-6000NS, its first network scanner, in August 2007. The fi-6000NS was highly appraised by the imaging industry and purchased by companies in various fields, such as finance, real estate and medicine.
The iScanner fi-6010N, the fi-6000NS' successor, includes many new useful functions. One of these new functions is its "central administration function ", which greatly simplifies the administration of multiple iScanner fi-6010N units over a network. Another is the iScanner fi-6010N's "job function ", which enables administrators to remotely set-up "one touch "printing, saving and transmission operability that meets each operator's duties and scanning needs. In addition, the iScanner fi-6010N SDK has been further enhanced to offer the flexibility that is required to meet customers' requirements. This adoption of new technology, which meets the needs of today's ever evolving Internet, is intended to enable the iScanner fi-6010N to offer improved scanning efficiency and reliability.

Main Features

  1. Centralized administration function supports greater efficiency
    The iScanner fi-6010N comes armed with a centralized administration function that enables administrators to easily administrate multiple units from one location. It is the first product in its class(*2)to come with a uniform account operation administration function that supports the setting of different user environmental settings for each iScanner fi-6010N operator. This function eliminates the need to install settings into individual scanners and enables operators to use any network linked iScanner fi-6010N just by logging in. Furthermore, the iScanner fi-6010N centralized administrations function enables administrators to set operating condition and included software settings and monitor scanner and operations status from a central location. The iScanner fi-6010N centralized administration function / number one global share holding FUJITSU fi-Series scanner technology tandem promises dramatic improvements in efficiency.
  2. Useful office linking "JOB" functionality
    The iScanner fi-6010N's "JOB"function enables administrators to remotely set-up simple "one touch" printing, saving and transmission operability that meets each operator's duties and scanning needs. In addition, use of the iScanner fi-6010N"centralized administration function" supports the setting up of job settings that meet individual operator job requirements. The result is improved security and reliability due to the elimination of operation and transmission related errors.
  3. Strengthened data transmission security
    The iScanner fi-6010N is the first network scanner to support secure encrypted FTPS (*3) file transfers as well as encrypted data authentication with LDAPS (*4)in order to facilitate peace of mind.
  4. Client application development
    The iScanner fi-6010N SDK supports MicrosoftR.NET Framework 3.5 for high performance application development. Moreover, this SDK has been further strengthened in order to offer the flexibility that is required to meet customers' application development needs in today's constantly changing Internet environment.

Visit the fi-Series homepage for more information
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  • Kofax and VRS are registered trademarks of Kofax Image Products, Inc.
  • Other products and company names appearing in this press release are the registered trademarks of the respective companies.

(*1) PFU Limited FUJITSU image scanners hold the largest share of the global business image scanner market. Business image scanner market share calculations were based upon InfoSource (fiscal year 2006) figures for the European region and InfoTrends Ltd. (fiscal year 2006) information for the Japanese and North American regions.
(*2) Network scanners are network linkable client devices that support a display interface that enables operators to access computer networks. (This definition stood true as of July 1, 2008)
(*3) FTPS is the abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS, an encrypted file transfer technology.
(*4) LDAPS is the abbreviation for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol over SSL/TLS, a directory database access encryption protocol.

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