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Press Release -August 2, 2010-

PFU’s "fi-Series" Flagship Document Imaging Scanner Gets a Major Model Upgrade!

- PFU Limited eyes the central scanning market with its launch of the fi-5950, the fastest high-volume A3 document imaging scanner in its class. -

PFU Limited (President/CEO: Fujio Wajima; Tokyo Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) updated its fi-Series product lineup with the addition of the fi-5950, its latest high-volume A3 document imaging scanner speed champion. Shipping and sales of the enhanced flagship model began as of today in Japan. (*1)(*2)


In the centralized scanning market, PFU has been selling quality, high-volume document imaging scanners that meet the exact needs and demands of its customers.(*3) Companies and organizations around the globe were quick to give high marks to the fi-Series mid-volume document imaging scanner fi-6800 soon after its launch in October of last year. This year PFU aims to further expand the market for its centralized scanning solutions by strengthening and reshaping its product lineup starting with the releasing its latest product, the fi-5950.

The fi-5950 is PFU’s new flagship model, inheriting the same ultra-durable build quality and highly reliable document feeding mechanism of its predecessor, the fi-5900C, while also offering even faster scanning speeds and other modifications that will significantly improve productivity in document intense workplaces. With its highly versatile fi-Series lineup of 17 scanner models led by the fi-5950, PFU promises to deliver to its customers scanning solutions that perfectly suit the document digitizing needs of their business.


  1. Class fastest / High reliability / Ultra-durable-The "fi-Series" new flagship model
    The fi-5950 is the fastest scanner in its class range, delivering an incredible 135ppm/270ipm for A4 size documents in landscape orientation (200/300dpi; 108% faster than fi-5900C).(*4) Premium image processing software Kofax VRS Professional comes packaged in to bring real-time image optimization during scanning.
    Like its predecessor the fi-5950 features an ultra-durable frame and a highly reliable feeding mechanism, allowing the scanner to have a duty cycle of 100,000 sheets per day.
  2. "Intelligent" functions that reduce the work of the operator before and after scanning
    The fi-5950 comes with a complete set of fi-Series features, including "Intelligent" functions that bring huge gains to office efficiency by freeing the user from much of the scanner handling work. Since these labor-saving functions are embedded into the driver, they can be used with any office application, bringing excellent scanning versatility to the workplace.
    1. Automatic Paper Size Detection / Auto Color Detection / Blank Page Deletion(*5)
      Scan a stack of documents into optimized images regardless of size and type thanks to these and other advanced functions.
    2. Intelligent Multifeed
      The Intelligent Multifeed function instructs the scanner to suspend multifeed detection for certain layered documents specified by the operator. This feature brings stress-free scanning, especially to those who frequently handle documents with attached media such as photos and memos.
  3. Bundled fi-Series software will raise work productivity to new levels
    In addition to VRS Professional, the fi-5950 comes bundled with the latest version of ScandAll PRO (V1.8), a powerful feature enhancing software. ScandAll PRO provides an easy way to customize scan jobs that are routinely carried out at the office. With everyday digitizing needs at work "memorized" by the scanner, users can take full advantage of the device’s high scanning speed and enjoy huge jumps in work productivity.
    1. Automate labor-intensive scanning tasks
      ScandAll PRO features Job Separation which makes sorting image data after scanning easy by using the fi-5950’s Batch Scan function together with divider sheets with printed Patch Codes/barcodes that assign image data to user-specified folders. The software makes full use of scanner’s "Intelligent" features to bring near total automation to document scanning processes at the office, making work efficiency skyrocket.
    2. Make effective use of digitized data with OCR technology
      ScandAll PRO features an OCR technology which accurately analyzes digitized data from documents during scanning and then uses the data to produce searchable PDF files, generate filenames automatically and carry out other helpful applications.

List Price&Product Release Date

Product Name List Price (Before tax) Product Release Date
fi-5950 JPY 3,000,000 Shipments begin August 2, 2010


Product Name List Price (Before tax) Product Release Date
fi-590PRF Pre Imprinter (Front) JPY 248,000 On sale now
fi-590PRB Post Imprinter (Back) JPY 248,000

Sales Target
PFU aims to achieve a sales target of 6,000 units three years after the product release date.

Product Homepage
URL: (Japanese)

Kofax and VRS are registered trademarks of Kofax Image Products, Inc.
Other products and company names appearing in this press release are the registered trademarks of the respective companies.


  1. The "fi-Series" document scanners are marketed globally as a single brand by PFU Limited, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group Companies.
  2. This stood true as of June 30, 2010 for production grade document image scanners priced between 1,170,000 and 4,400,000 (JPY). Class is defined by the criteria for imaging scanners set by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association. Scanning rate was measured at 300 dpi using color A4 size documents in landscape orientation.
  3. Centralized scanning is the digitization of all documents at a single location of a workplace. This is opposed to distributed scanning (also called distributed capture) which is used to describe the digitization of documents at multiple, physically separate company/organization branches, offices and divisions.
  4. Scanning speed was measured using the TWAIN/ISIS interface.
  5. Blank Page Deletion is not supported by the ISIS driver.

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