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Press Release -August 23, 2010-

The "fi-Series" entry model image scanner gets revised for a more robust product lineup

- PFU aims to capture the decentralized scanning market with the launch of the fi-6110, the company's latest compact A4 scanner designed for easy system installation -

PFU Limited (President/CEO: Fujio Wajima; Tokyo Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) updates its fi-Series lineup with the addition of the compact A4 entry model image scanner, the fi-6110.(1) Sales began as of September 3, 2010 in Japan.

fi-6110PFU has strengthened and revised its fi-Series lineup for the decentralized scanner market led by the fi-6110, the successor of the company's fi-5110C model which has to date sold 100,000 units worldwide.(2)

The fi-6110 is the company’s latest, attractively-priced fi-Series document imaging scanner which features high speed scanning performance and a solid feeding mechanism, making it perfectly suited for distributed capture applications. As the new entry model of the fi-Series, this scanner is the first to use the highly rated "Intelligent" functions found in its higher-end siblings, so document driven tasks can be carried out with even better efficiency. With a highly versatile fi-Series lineup of 17 scanner models ranging from the fi-6110 to the new fi-Series flagship A3 high-volume scanner, the fi-5950, PFU promises to deliver to its customers scanning solutions that perfectly suit the document digitizing needs of their business.

Product Features

  1. High-speed 20ppm scanning and a space-saving, compact design
    The fi-6110 delivers an impressive 20ppm/40ipm scanning speed for color A4 documents (133% faster than its predecessor, the fi-5110C) and superior cost-performance. Capable of continuously scanning documents comprised of up to 50 sheets varying in size, thickness and paper quality, this powerful office tool is sure to satisfy customers who seek speedy and versatile digitization of large amounts of office documents.
  2. The best in reliable scanning thanks to highly-developed fi-Series "Intelligent" functions
    The fi-6110 is specially designed to improve the work efficiency of the customer by using various, advanced functions which have become a fixture in the fi-Series to produce quality scans time after time.
    1. Loaded with automated functions that make collectively scanning documents of various qualities possible
      In addition to the Blank Page Deletion function which automatically removes blank pages from document image data, the fi-6110 is the first entry model scanner to feature automatic paper size detection and page rotation functions which ensure that scans always come out the proper size and orientation. Together these functions make all the necessary adjustments needed before scanning, ensuring efficient scanner operation for the user.
    2. Utilizes ultrasonic sensor technology for highly accurate multifeed detection
      The fi-6110 quickly and accurately detects multifeeds by using a powerful ultrasonic sensor.(3) Combined with the solid paper feed mechanism which has become a trademark feature of the fi-Series, the sensor ensures that drops in scanner efficiency is kept to a minimum.
    3. Supports A3 document scanning
      The fi-6110 comes bundled with a Carrier Sheet which makes digitizing documents between A4 and A3 in size possible. Multiple (three maximum) Carrier Sheets can be continuously scanned to better meet the various business needs of the customer.

List Price&Product Release Date

Product Name List Price (Before tax) Product Release Date
fi-6110 JPY 90,000 Shipments began September 3, 2010 (Japan)

Options (Aloso used with ScanSnap models)

Product Name List Price (Before tax) Product Release Date
ScanSnap A3Carrier Sheet (5 per pack) JPY 2,500 On sale now

Sales Target
PFU expects to achieve 200,000 units in global unit sales three years after the product release date.

Product Homepage
URL: (Japanese)

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  1. The "fi-Series" document scanners are marketed globally as a single brand by PFU Limited, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group Companies.
  2. Decentralized scanning (also called distributed capture) is the term used to describe the digitization of documents at multiple, physically separate locations such as at company branches/divisions, reception counters, and teller windows. This is opposed to centralized scanning, which is the digitization of all documents at a single location of a workplace.
  3. A multifeed occurs when a scanner simultaneously feeds two or more documents.

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