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Press Release -November 26, 2013-

PFU launches the fi-65F: An A6 flatbed scanner most suitable for reception counter

- Improved operability with the added scan button and USB bus power support -

PFU LIMITED (President & CEO: Kiyoshi Hasegawa; Tokyo Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) announced the release of the fi-65F, the smallest A6 flatbed scanner from the fi Series line of business grade scanners.[*1]


PFU has sold more than 200,000 units of A6 flatbed scanner which is most suitable for reception counter tasks such as customer verification when processing mobile phone/car rental procedures or membership application. The new model, fi-65F, has enhanced the functions of the previous model which has received high acclaim for allowing reception staff to scan customer verification document such as identification cards on the spot. Furthermore, the operability has been improved by adding a scan button and USB bus power support feature, as well as having the same size and auto deskew function as the previous model. Besides the quick start up and high speed scanning, fi-65F comes bundled with a full line up of software including the updated driver with the latest image processing technology. This updated driver is currently equipped in the high end models.
fi-65F is designed for reception counter tasks with improved operability. Through this new scanner, PFU is ready to support the work efficiency and productivity of document digitizing needs of its customers.

Product Features

1. Improved operability with the added scan button and USB bus power support

  1. Added a scan button to the scanner
    Combining the added scan button and the latest image capturing software, user can scan and save the image data in one touch after placing the document. This greatly improves the operational efficiency of scanning.
  2. USB bus power support
    The scanner can be powered through the USB port of a computer, and therefore this smallest scanner in its class can be used easily at a place where the AC power supply is unavailable. Not only at the regular reception counters, but the scanner can be used in event venue where the power supply is limited.

2. Achieves high speed scanning of scan A6 sized document in one second (B&W, 300dpi)

The fi-65F is able to scan a black and white A6 sized document at 300dpi in one second (when using AC adaptor connection; 2 seconds when operating in USB bus power cable connection). Furthermore, only 0.5 seconds is needed to start scanning after pressing the scan button (4.5 seconds when resume from power saving mode), this quick start up means that customers do not have to wait at the reception counters.

3. Bundled with the latest standard fi Series software for superb image processing and operability

  1. The new TWAIN/ISIS driver “PaperStream IP” produces high quality images in a fast and simple manner.
  2. The new image capturing software “PaperStream Capture” improves the efficiency of batch scanning.


  1. FUJITSU “fi Series” image scanners are marketed globally as a single brand by PFU, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group companies.

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