We continue to offer technology that leads the world so that more people can use our products with ease.
Behind all of this is a history of continuous obstacles and amazing triumph.

Engineers Who Look into the Future to Create New Value

Creativity that Transcends Customers' Imagination

Ricoh scanners incorporate features that are not available anywhere else. Examples include the scanner ADF being able to rotate 180 degrees to make it easy for everyone to use, regardless of whether they are right or left handed, and ejecting papers with the back side facing upwards to allow users to scan with minimal effort. These innovations were developed from the engineers' own insights and observations, providing utility and convenience that customers had not previously been aware could be delivered.

Masahiko Kobako,
an expert of our advanced technology development division

Engineers are constantly coming up with ideas for new technology and asking themselves how they can make their products better. The question they always consider is: how will customers use the product? Masahiko Kobako, an expert of our advanced technology development division, commented "Our aim is not to show off our technical skills to the world by coming up with functions that people find startling, but to create technologies that people admire for their convenience in daily use." Our approach to manufacturing remains one of putting the customer first.

Technology Born out of Enthusiasm

Along with the actual usefulness and practicality for customers, an engineer's enthusiasm during development is crucial to the creation of value and innovation. To overcome obstacles encountered during development, engineers must become deeply engaged in the development process.

As Mr. Kobako said, "Engineers grow by getting lost in a blind alley or stuck on a problem. It is only when they feel attracted to the challenge that they can put in the most effort. This is why it is better to have them go with their unique ideas that they truly desire, rather than having them listen to what everyone else has to say and having to compromise."

Core Image Scanning Technology

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