Realize the goal of durable products that customers can trust.
Quality of Japanese output is expanded in world factories.

Stringent Processes to Maintain High Quality

Ricoh's Manufacturing Sites implement specific methods at each production step to prevent human error and deliver high quality products to our customers.

From receiving of components to shipping our scanners

1. Receiving and evaluating the components

We receive parts from a variety of vendors. The vendors certify that the components meet our specifications. For particularly important parts, we also conduct our own verification process after receiving them.

2. Storing the components at the warehouse

We store all components at our warehouses, and store especially important parts and unique parts that are not currently in production in an earthquake-proof warehouse. Even if a large earthquake were to occur and the vendors stopped providing parts, we have done our best to ensure we can consistently provide products to our customers.

3. Assembly

We have introduced a number of mechanisms to ensure the manufacture of high-quality products, such as precise operation of torque screwdriver by measuring its revolving speed and time, and monitoring of the number of important parts and accessories to prevent missing parts.

4. Evaluation

After assembly, we evaluate every scanner with a professional eye. We check several points for problems, such as the operation of the power button, the paper feed, and the quality of scanned data.

5. Packing

We ship products all over the world. We pack the necessary attachments based on the specifications of each region and country. We scan the barcode of each attachment to assure the correct attachments are included.

6. Shipping

Our scanners, manufactured with pride, are then shipped to customers worldwide.

Reliable High Quality

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