How it works

Scanning application dedicated for mobile devices

ScanSnap Home (for mobile) is an application dedicated to mobile devices. The app provides a simple way for you to scan and manage your documents and photos and save them directly to the cloud using your smartphone or tablet.

  • Intuitive user interface for easy scanning and access to your scanned data
  • Scan data quickly and share on your mobile device
  • Set up "ScanSnap Cloud" without a PC


Intuitive user interface for easier operation

With a user-friendly interface, you can view scan settings such as file format and color mode and search and view scanned data quickly and easily.

Just tap to share scanned data with family and friends

Connect your interests quickly by sharing content across messaging, chat applications, and other social networks by tapping the share icon on your smartphone device.
ScanSnap is a great way to quickly scan and enrich communication with your family and friends at the push of a button.

Scanned images optimized automatically

A host of intelligent automatic image processing functions, such as Automatic Size Detection, Automatic Rotation, De-Skew, and Blank Page Removal, allows you to save optimal scanned data without the need for manual editing.

ScanSnap Cloud settings completed on mobile devices

Set up and manage ScanSnap Cloud right from your mobile device. After setting up ScanSnap Cloud, ScanSnap automatically recognizes the type of scanned document ("Documents", "Business Cards", "Receipts", or "Photos") and saves the data to your preferred cloud service according to your setting.
With ScanSnap Home (for mobile), you can also view the data history sent via ScanSnap Cloud.
For ScanSnap with a touch screen, ScanSnap Home (for mobile) also allows you to set multiple icons on the touch screen with any cloud service designated as the destination, as well as a function that enables scanned data to be emailed directly from the touch screen.

* There are some differences in supported features between ScanSnap Home (for PC) and ScanSnap Home (for mobile). Please refer to the Specifications tab for details.


Product Name ScanSnap Home (for mobile)
Supported Scanners Current iX1600, iX1300, iX100
Discontinued*1 iX1500
  1. Discontinued products cannot be repaired.

System Requirement for iOS/iPadOS*1

Operating System iOS 15 or later/iPadOS 15 or later
Other Requirements Wi-Fi environment
  1. User interface optimized for iPad and other functions such as image rotation and split view will be available with future updates.

System Requirement for Android™*1/ChromeOS

Operating System Android 9 or later/ChromeOS 115.0.5790.182 or later
Other Requirements Wi-Fi environment
  1. User interface optimized for a large screen (other than Chromebook) and other functions such as image rotation will be available with future updates.

Functions available in ScanSnap Home (for PC) and ScanSnap Home (for mobile)

Functions ScanSnap Home (for PC) ScanSnap Home (for mobile)
Automatic color detection Yes Yes*1
Auto resolution mode Yes Yes
Blank page removal Yes Yes
Automatic size detection Yes Yes
De-skew Yes*2 Yes
Automatic rotation Yes Yes
Bleed-through reduction Yes Yes
Convert to searchable PDF Yes No
Folded A3 stitching Yes No
Auto format recognition Yes No
Auto name Yes No
Long paper scanning Yes Yes*3
Multi-feed detection*4 Yes Yes*5
Streak reduction Yes No
Covert to Word/Excel/PowerPoint® Yes No
Document/receipt/business card/photo management Yes No
ScanSnap Cloud*6 Yes Yes
  1. Available only with color and grayscale.
  2. Also capable of recognizing skewed text.
  3. Available only with the ScanSnap iX1600, iX1500 and iX1300. For iX1600 and iX1500, capable of scanning up to 863 mm in duplex and 1,726 mm in simplex. For iX1300, capable of scanning up to 863mm in duplex and 1,117 mm in simplex.
  4. Available with the ScanSnap iX1600, iX1500 and iX1300.
  5. Overlap detection only.
  6. Availability of ScanSnap Cloud may vary depending on region.


ScanSnap Home (for mobile) is available as a free download from the App Store or Google Play in countries where ScanSnap Cloud is available.
For countries where ScanSnap Cloud is available, please visit here.

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