Document Services

Digitize documents to increase productivity and speed up operations.
Realize efficient data entry with our scanners and OCR.

Electronic Filling Service

Electronic filling service that supports the Japan Act on Electronic Preservation Books and Documents. Documents Related to National Taxes.
Packaged with software that meets legal requirements and an introduction guide that allows you to create operational rules.


Multi-Cloud Setup and Operation Service

We provide IT infrastructure design and setup through cloud services, cloud migration of customer systems, monitoring of multi-cloud environments, and operational support.

Secure Infrastructure Setup and Operation Services

In addition to IT infrastructure design, setup, and operation support, we support stable operation of IT infrastructure through advanced server security measures and operations.

Edge & IoT Outsourcing Service

Outsourcing of installation and operation of IT devices used in business settings such as PCs, tablets, printers, and network devices. We free you from the hassle of complicated work.

Multi-Vendor BPO Services

We provide full outsourcing of support services from building maintenance systems for various IT devices to on-site maintenance. We contribute to the business expansion of manufacturers and sales companies as a partner.


over 100 Service Branches in Japan
Support service infrastructure

Introducing PFU’s service infrastructure, including maintenance service bases covering all of Japan, operation and security monitoring centers that support customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and kitting centers that quickly set up and deploy IT devices.

Unified Management Center
Unified Management Center

At the core of our multi-vendor operations and maintenance, we provide 24-hour, 365 day call reception, remote monitoring, technical support and quality control.

Kitting Center
Kitting Center

We have achieved zero setting mistakes by automating the setting and confirmation of all IT equipment in Japan and overseas. With a monthly shipping capacity of 20,000 units, we provide short-term, high-quality kitting.

Note :

These services are currently available only in Japan.