Checking the Error Information of a Scan History

When an error has occurred during a scan or when saving an image, you can check the error information in the scan history of the ScanSnap Cloud application.
  1. Tap Navigation Menu on the main screen.

    A navigation bar appears.

  2. Tap [Scanning error list].

    Scanning error list appears.

  3. In the scanning error list, tap the scan history with error information that you want to check.

    The Detail View Screen appears, and the error information is shown under the preview.

    Tap the [Save again] button to save the scanned image to a cloud storage service again.

    If you set [Save by document type] to on in the [Select cloud storage services] screen, the [Change doc. type] button is shown. Tap this button to manually sort the image into a document type that is different from the document type automatically selected.

    Tapping Troubleshooting shows the relevant error page in ScanSnap Cloud Troubleshooting.

    • From the scan history list, you can also display the detail view screen that shows a scan history with an error. To do so, tap the scan history with Error for the thumbnail.

    • The [Save again] button and the [Change doc. type] button appear only when an error occurs, which is caused by failing to save the image to a cloud storage service.