Changing the File Name of a Scanned Image

The ScanSnap Cloud service names scanned images automatically. For some cloud storage services for scanned images, you can change a file name.

You can change a file name in the following procedure:

  1. In the scan history list, tap a scan history of a file to change the name.

    The Detail View Screen appears.

  2. Tap Changing a File Name that is shown on the right of the file name above the preview.
  3. Change the file name by one of the following methods:
    • Selecting from the recognition results

      If recognition results exist, tap [Select from results] and then tap the file name to be changed on the displayed candidate list.

    • Entering directly

      Tap [Enter from keyboard], and then enter a file name with 90 characters or less (in single-byte equivalent) directly.

  4. Tap [Done].

    A file name is changed.


For some cloud storage services, if a file name or a folder name contains a graphic symbol, it may not be shown properly on another mobile device.