Detailed Setting Screen

The detailed setting screen in the ScanSnap Cloud application allows you to specify the conditions for scanning documents in detail.

If [Save by document type] is set to on in the [Select cloud storage services] screen, you can configure the detailed settings for each document type.


Depending on a cloud storage service, the items that are displayed vary.

In addition, depending on the cloud storage service, some settings that are configured in this screen are ignored, and the settings that are specified for each cloud storage service are used for scanning a document.

The detailed settings screen consists of the following items:

Image settings

This option appears when the document type is [Photos].

If a photo is not in color, image correction does not take place.

Auto Enhancement

Setting this option to on adjusts the contrast of a photo giving it more color.

Red Eye Correction

Setting this option to on recognizes the face of a person and removes the red-eye effect in a photo.

Fading Correction

Setting this option to on corrects a photo that has faded colors giving it more color.

File naming rule

Select a file naming rule that is automatically applied to an image.

Tapping [File naming rule] shows the [File naming rule] Screen.

File format

Specify a file format in which the image is saved.

Tapping [File format] shows the [File format] Screen.

Color mode

Specify the color of an image.

The following color modes are available:

  • Auto

    Automatically detects the color of each document and scans in color, gray, or black and white.

  • Color

    Always saves the image in color.

  • Gray

    Always saves the image in gray.

  • B&W

    Always saves the image in black and white.

    This option is available when [PDF] is selected for [File format].

Image quality

Specify the image quality level (resolution) of a scanned image.

The following image quality levels are available:

  • Auto

    Select this mode to save scanned images at an optimal resolution according to their size.

    Scanned images are saved in [Better] mode when the length is longer than 148 mm (A6 portrait), and in [Best] mode when the length is 148 mm (A6 portrait) or shorter. The quality of the scanned images may vary depending on whether you scan the documents in portrait or landscape orientation with the ScanSnap. This is because, in [Auto] mode, the resolution is automatically determined by the length of the scanned image.

    For example, the image quality is automatically set to [Better] when you load an A5 size document in the feeding section of the ScanSnap in portrait orientation. The image quality is automatically set to [Best] when you load the document in landscape orientation.

  • Normal

    Select this mode to scan documents quickly.

  • Better

    Select this mode to scan documents in high quality.

  • Best

    Select this mode to scan documents in the best quality higher than [Better].

Scanning side

A scan side can be specified.


For iX100, a simplex scan is performed even if you specify [Duplex].

Automatic rotation

Setting this option to on rotates the scanned image automatically if you scan a document sideways or upside down.

The content that is used as the base for deciding whether or not to rotate the scanned image automatically varies depending on the type of document to be scanned.

  • For documents, business cards, receipts, or when you do not detect the type of document

    Since this option determines the page orientation based on the character strings printed on the document, the following documents may be rotated in the wrong orientation. In this case, set this option to off.

    • Documents with many extremely large or small characters

    • Documents on which pitches between lines or characters are extremely narrow, or characters are overlapped

    • Documents with many characters contacting underlines or borders

    • Documents with many photographs or figures and few characters

    • Documents with characters on an unevenly colored background

      Example: Shaded characters

    • Documents with many decorated characters

      Example: Embossed or outlined characters

    • Documents with characters on a patterned background

      Example: Characters overlapping illustrations and diagrams

    • Documents with characters printed in various directions such as drawings

    • Documents written using only capital letters

    • Documents including handwritten characters

    • Skewed documents

    • Documents written in a language other than the one that is used in your operating system

    • Documents with complex layouts

    • Documents with a large amount of image noise

    • Documents with faint characters

    • Documents with faded characters

  • For photos

    The scanned image is rotated in accordance with the way the face of a person in a photo is orientated. If a photo is not of a person such as a landscape photo, the scanned image will not be rotated.

Blank page skip

Setting this option to on removes blank pages from the scanned images automatically.

For example, if you specify "Duplex Scan" to scan a document with contents on only one side, only the image on this side will be saved because this option removes blank pages (the other side).


Adjust the compression rate in five levels.

The higher the compression rate is, the smaller the file size becomes, and noise in the image is more visible.

In contrast, the lower the compression rate is, the larger the file size becomes, and the noise is less visible.

  • When you take a photo of a document with the camera function, the following scan settings are disabled:

    • Image settings (Auto Enhancement, Red Eye Correction, Fading Correction)

    • Image quality

    • Scanning side

    • Automatic rotation

    • Blank page skip

    • Compression