Part Numbers of the Cleaning Materials

The product names and part numbers of the cleaning materials are as below:

Product Name

Part No./Description

Cleaner F1

Cleaner F1

Part number: PA03950-0352

Quantity: 1 bottle (100ml)

Moisten a dry lint-free cloth or Cleaning Paper with Cleaner 1.

Cleaning Paper

Cleaning Paper

Part number: CA99501-0012

Quantity: 1 pack (10 sheets)

Used to clean the inside of the ScanSnap with ease. Spray it with Cleaner F1 and scan it with the ScanSnap in the same way as a document.

Cleaning Wipe

Cleaning Wipe

Part number: PA03950-0419

Quantity: 1 box (24 packets)

These are wet tissues that have been moistened with Cleaner F1. In place of this product, you can use a cloth moistened with Cleaner F1.

Use a regular cotton swab to clean small parts such as the camera or infrared LED.

For details about purchasing cleaning materials, refer to "Suppliers of Consumables/Optional Parts" in Customer Support.