How to Use This Site

The ScanSnap Help (this website) is a manual to be referred to when you use a ScanSnap and ScanSnap Home.

This page explains how to use the ScanSnap Help in order to obtain the information you need.

Display the information for the ScanSnap model and OS that you are using

Configure the ScanSnap model and the OS that you are using in [Model] and [Operating System] on the top window of the ScanSnap Help to refer to the information according to your system environment.

Selecting the Model and Operating System

Use keywords to search for the information you are looking for

Enter the keyword in the search bar that is located in the top of each topic, and click Search to display the topic titles in the search results.

AND Search

When you enter multiple keywords with a space between each word, the pages containing all the keywords that you entered are searched for.

Perfect Match Search

When the entered keywords are enclosed in double quotation marks, the pages containing all the keywords as a phrase are searched for.

Example: "ScanSnap Home"