Error Code List (ScanSnap Mail)

Error codes are displayed when sending an e-mail from the ScanSnap fails while using ScanSnap Cloud in ScanSnap Home. Causes and solutions for the error codes are explained below.



There is a problem with the service provider (server).


Check the status and settings of your network environment, and try again. Or, wait for a while and try again.



The issue may be caused by the following:

  • An e-mail address specified for the destination is set not to receive e-mails from the domain ""

  • The e-mail box for the destination is full

  • The e-mail server for the destination is inaccessible


Make sure that the e-mail address for the destination is set to receive e-mails, and try again.



The number of e-mails sent this month has reached the maximum limit.


Up to 300 e-mails can be sent per month when sending scanned images via e-mail directly from the ScanSnap.

If you want to send over 300 e-mails, perform the scan again after the first day of the next month. Alternatively, save the scanned images to your computer, then attach the saved scanned images to an e-mail and send.