To Allow Connection with Port Numbers in the Firewall Settings

Allow connection with the port numbers that are used with ScanSnap Home in the following procedure:

  1. Display the setting window for Firewall.

    • For Windows 11

      Select [Start] menu [All apps] [Control Panel] under [Windows Tools] [System and Security] [Windows Defender Firewall].

    • For Windows 10

      Select [Start] menu [Control Panel] under [Windows System] [System and Security] [Windows Defender Firewall].

  2. Select [Advanced settings] that is displayed on the left side of the window to display the [Windows Firewall with Advanced Security] window.

  3. Select [Inbound Rules] that is displayed on the left side of the window and then select [New Rule] in the [Actions] panel on the right side of the window to display the [New Inbound Rule Wizard] window.

  4. When [Rule Type] is displayed, select [Port] and click the [Next] button.

  5. When [Protocol and Ports] is displayed, select [TCP] and [Specific local ports], enter the following port number for [Specific local ports], and click the [Next] button.

    445: Port number for saving scanned images directly from the ScanSnap to a network folder

    52217: Port number for retrieval

    53220: Port number for the startup notice

    55265: Port number for a pressed Scan button notice

    • Enter port numbers and separate them with a comma.


      52217, 53220, 55265

    • If the port number for the startup notice is changed to a port number of your choice, enter the specified number.

    • If the port number 55265 is used by another application, a port number that is available from the range of 55266 to 55274 will be used as the port number for a pressed Scan button notice.

      If necessary, allow communication that uses a port number from 55266 to 55274.

  6. When [Action] is displayed, select [Allow the connection] and click the [Next] button.

  7. When [Profile] is displayed, select necessary checkboxes and click the [Next] button.

  8. When [Name] is displayed, enter a name of your choice for [Name] and click the [Finish] button.

A new rule is added in [Inbound Rules] and communication with the specified port number is allowed.