Connecting the ScanSnap

To receive PDF/JPEG images scanned with the ScanSnap, you need to connect the mobile device to the ScanSnap.

When you start up ScanSnap Connect Application, the ScanSnap and the mobile device will be connected automatically via a wireless access point.

If the connection is not established or you want to change the computer to connect to, perform one of the following:

  • Selecting from [Connect to]

  • Specifying the IP address

  • Connecting in Direct Connect mode (iX1600/iX1500/iX1300/iX100)

  • Adding a ScanSnap unit to connect to a mobile device

  • If you open the [Settings] screen on the touch panel of iX1600 or iX1500, press Home in the upper right of the screen to return to the home screen.

  • While searching for or connecting to the ScanSnap, the auto-lock on the mobile device will be disabled temporarily.

    It is recommended to exit ScanSnap Connect Application or manually lock the mobile device once the operation is completed.

  • Once your mobile device is connected to the ScanSnap, the computer will be disconnected from the ScanSnap.

  • To save the scanned image in the computer, disconnect the mobile device from the ScanSnap first, then perform a scan.

  • If the ScanSnap is left unused for more than 15 minutes after it is connected to your mobile device, the mobile device will be disconnected automatically from the ScanSnap.

    When iX100 is battery powered, the mobile device is disconnected from iX100, and iX100 turns itself off. You can specify the time for iX100 to turn off in the [ScanSnap Information] window.

  • When you receive a notification such as a notification for an e-mail, alarm, or power shortage, the mobile device will be disconnected from the ScanSnap.

  • If the mobile device is connected to the ScanSnap in Access Point Connect mode, no ScanSnap units may be detected when the communication between wireless devices is disabled by an option such as the privacy separator feature. In that case, change the setting on the wireless access point to allow communication between wireless devices.

    For the setting on the wireless access point, refer to the manual of the wireless access point that you are using.

  • Only one ScanSnap can be connected by a mobile device at a time.

  • Only one mobile device can be connected to the ScanSnap at a time.

  • When you tap [Setup Wizard] in [Connect to] of the [Settings] screen, you can refer to the wizard which guides you through the stages of connecting to the ScanSnap.

  • To connect your mobile device to the ScanSnap, you need to connect the ScanSnap to a wireless LAN.

    • iX1600/iX1500

      For details about a mobile device connection with the ScanSnap, refer to the ScanSnap Help.

    • iX1300/iX500/iX100

      For details, refer to the ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool Help.

      For starting ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool, refer to To Start ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool.