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Unique Technology to Amazing Moment

Valuable Documents Protected by Sound Detection and Monitoring of Paper Feed Distance

Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection (iSOP), the world’s first technique for detecting paper jams by sound, halts the paper feed when it detects the sound made by paper that has twisted out of alignment or is held together by staples. In addition, paper jams are avoided by monitoring of the feed distance. These two technologies help prevent damage to fragile documents such as those printed on thin paper.

Acquisition of Legible Image Data from Books without Damaging Them

The ScanSnap SV600 automatically uses its Book Image Correction function to eliminate the distortion along the spine of books or magazines when they are scanned. By accurately identifying and automatically correcting horizontal distortion in text, lines, and figures in the image, this produces images that are just as legible as those obtained from flat sheets.

Safe and Reliable Manufacturing

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