What You Can Do with SV600

The ScanSnap model that performs overhead scanning has a scanning unit that does not touch documents. The following scanning operations can be performed with this model:

  • A book or booklet that is up to A3 in size can be scanned without cutting pages out.
  • Multiple documents such as business cards or other types of cards can be scanned at once.

The scanned images created by scanning documents are corrected automatically.

  • When a booklet-like document is scanned

    The page distortion is corrected automatically.

  • When multiple documents are scanned at once

    The scanned images are cropped into separate images for respective documents.

How to Perform a Scan

In addition, continuous scanning can be started automatically and scanned images can be corrected after documents are scanned.

Page Turning Detection

When a page is turned, the ScanSnap automatically starts continuous scanning.

This is useful for scanning multiple pages of a book or booklet-like document.

For details, refer to Scanning Books Using Page Turning Detection (SV600).

Page Turning Detection

Timed Mode

The ScanSnap automatically starts scanning after the specified time period passes.

This is useful also for scanning multiple documents (of any type) consecutively.

There are two types of settings for timed mode:

  • Setting the time period before the ScanSnap starts scanning a document after the [Scan] button is pressed
  • Setting the time period for the ScanSnap to start the next scan when a document is scanned continuously

For details, refer to Scanning Documents Using Timed Mode (SV600).

Timed Mode

Scanning Documents with Two ScanSnaps Connected to a Computer

You can use SV600 and another ScanSnap connected to a computer.

For details, refer to Scanning Documents with Two ScanSnaps Connected to a Computer (SV600).

Scanning with Two ScanSnaps Connected to a Computer