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Q & A

Before you buy

  1. Which operating systems does Rack2-Filer support?
  2. Does Rack2-Filer support 64bit operating systems?
  3. What language(s) does Rack2-Filer support?
  4. Will Rack2-Filer support Mac operating systems in the future?
  5. What are the system requirements for using Rack2-Filer?
  6. What are the system requirements for using Rack2-Filer Lite?
  7. I would like to use a scanner to import documents into Rack2-Filer. What scanners does Rack2-Filer support?
  8. Do you have any plans to support thin clients, such as Citrix, in the future?
  9. Can I use Rack2-Filer when I switch the displayed language using "Regional and Language Options" on the control panel? Furthermore, does Rack2-Filer support displayed languages when they have been changed in Windows® MUI?
  10. What is the Windows® 7 support status for Rack2-Filer?
  11. What are the cautions for use in Windows® 7?
  12. What is the Windows® 8 support status for Rack2-Filer?
  13. What are the cautions for use in Windows® 8?
  14. What is the Windows® 8.1 support status for Rack2-Filer?
  15. What are the cautions for use in Windows® 8.1?
  16. What is the Windows® 10 support status for Rack2-Filer?
  17. What are the cautions for use in Windows® 10?

Once you've started

Scanner settings

  1. How can I import files created with my ScanSnap scanner into Rack2-Filer?
  2. Can I change scanning settings?
  3. Is there any difference between importing files from either ScanSnap or TWAIN supporting fi-Series scanners, in terms of Rack2-Filer operations?

Importing documents and electronic data

  1. Which file formats does Rack2-Filer support when importing electronic data?
  2. Why are the PDF files that are imported by Rack2-Filer larger than standard PDF files?
  3. How can I import multiple files at once?
  4. Are files saved in a PDF format in Rack2-Filer binders?
  5. How much data capacity is required to store images in Rack2-Filer?
  6. What should I do when a scanner generated image is displayed upside down in my Rack2-Filer?
  7. When I printed the electronic data that I imported into my Rack2-Filer, its format differed from the original page settings. What can I do to solve this?
  8. Can I directly import Word and Excel electronic data into Rack2-Filer without activating Rack2-Filer?
  9. Can I import Word (doc), Excel (xls) or PowerPoint (ppt) files into Rack2-Filer with the free viewers (Word Viewer, Excel Viewer and PowerPoint Viewer) that are made available by Microsoft®?
  10. What is the Rack-2 Filer support status for Microsoft® Office 2010?

File management

  1. How many binders worth of electronic data can I import into Rack2-Filer?
  2. Can I view all of the binders that are stored in a cabinet at once?
  3. Can I change the number of libraries, cabinets, and binders that information is stored in?
  4. Can I change the order in which binders are displayed?
  5. How can I move an image from the Temporary binder to another binder?

Display screen operation

  1. Can I edit just one side of a page?
  2. When I imported a file, one side of the page turned out blank. How do I delete the blank page?
  3. Can I save and print individual pages?
  4. Can I insert an index even when the binder is empty?
  5. Can I use Acrobat® Reader® etc. to view PDF binders which have been saved in a local hard drive? Also, I was wondering whether or not I could perform OCR on these PDF files.
  6. I scanned and filed an A3 document in 2-Page Mode. How can I remove the binder rings that are displayed in the center?
  7. Can I attach files that I organised in Rack2-Filer to E-mail?
  8. Can I use my usual E-mail application to send files as E-mail attachments?
  9. What is the difference between the "File" button and the "Import" button when generating files?
  10. Can I view data which was imported using Rack2-Filer on a PC without having Rack2-Viewer installed?
  11. Why can't I modify the original documents?
  12. I cannot move pages when they are displayed in thumbnails.
  13. Why does it take so long to flip pages (about 5-10 seconds per page)?

Operation / Specification

  1. How do I backup and migrate data?
  2. I would like to put multiple files into one binder at once. How do I do that?
  3. How can I avoid attaching an index to every file?
  4. How do I change or delete items in "Contents"?
  5. How can I change the order in which items appear in "Contents"?
  6. How do I directly import images into Rack2-Filer from TWAIN supporting Fujitsu fi-Series scanners?
  7. How do I enlarge displayed images?
  8. How do I import original Word and Excel data into Rack2-Filer?
  9. How can I send files that have been saved in Rack2-Filer binders to another computer?
  10. Can I import landscape images in a manner that shows these images in landscape?
  11. How can I import password protected PDF files?
  12. How can I save files with divider sheets?
  13. Can I view Rack2-Filer in a computer that has not had Rack2-Filer installed in it the same way I can with a Rack2-Filer installed computer?
  14. What is the difference between "Copying original files" and "Linking to original files" when enabling [Retain source files by...], which is located under the [Page Insertion] tab
  15. How do I change PDF icons back to PDF icons after they have been changed into binder icons?
  16. Can I specify a Windows® encrypted folder as the backup folder for the Rack2-Filer Backup & Restore Tool?
  17. Can I just install and use Rack2-Viewer?


  1. Where is the serial number listed?
  2. What do I do if I forget my activation code?
  3. My computer's operating system has been changed and I forgot my Rack2-Filer activation code. What should I do?


  1. What do I do when imported Excel images become skewed?
  2. Why are text extraction results different before and after importing?
  3. A message saying "After selecting (or starting) the target binder (Rack2-Viewer) at the destination, click the OK button" appears when I am scanning documents and a Rack2-Filer binder is open. What should I do?
  4. A message stating "Program could not continue to process operation. Uninstall Rack2-Viewer, restart your computer, and install Rack2-Viewer again" appears when I try to modify and save electronic data files and I cannot modify the data file in question. What should I do?
  5. A message stating "Program could not access LibRoot Folder. Please review LibRoot Folder setting and check its attributes." appears in [Viewer Settings] and I cannot complete the configuration. What should I do?
  6. An error message stating "Specifying multiple files is not supported" appears on my screen. What should I do? (This issue does not affect ScanSnap scanners)
  7. Highlighted areas occasionally spread out onto the next page and then disappear when using Rack2-Viewer in 2-page mode.
  8. Why do "sticky notes" occasionally move beyond the area of displayed pages when Rack2-Viewer is in 2-page mode?
  9. Even if I have run OCR, no key text block is created and pages cannot be searched.
  10. When a PowerPoint file is imported, the [Creating image data from source file. Please wait.] dialog box appears, and the import process may not finish.
  11. When trying to import a source file, [Program encountered error while reading or inputting files. Check file contents and amount of free disk space, and try again.] appears.
  12. Problems arising from use in an environment with antivirus software installed.
  13. An extra blank space may appear around pictures or documents imported into a Rack2-Filer binder. Also, the content may shrink after importing.
  14. My computer fails to connect to an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch device.
  15. I cannot open the "Rack2 Mobile Link - Basic" dialog box.
  16. When I launch the Rack2-WorkArea window repeatedly, the window shifts or does not display.
  17. Rack2-Filer fails to log-in Google Docs (TM) and cannot export data to Google Docs (TM).
  18. It takes time to import files from ScanSnap to Rack2-Filer.
  19. I cannot import my Excel files to Rack2-Filer on Windows® 10 where Microsoft® Excel® is installed.


  1. Why does the indicator occasionally remain displayed and operation freezes when importing data files from Word, Excel or PowerPoint?
  2. What precautions should I take when importing data from the print function or other applications?
  3. What precautions should I take when setting Acrobat-related product print settings when importing files into Rack2-Filer?
  4. What precautions should I take when enabling Rack2-Filer's "Place over-sized files on facing pages" setting?
  5. What precautions should I take when using Rack2-Filer with the "Automatically correct for skewed scanner input" and "Automatically correct for upside-down scanner input" settings have been activated?
  6. What precautions should I take when using "Automatically remove blank pages from scanner input"?
  7. What precautions should I take when using Rack2-Filer with a scanner that is running on a WIA driver?
  8. What precautions should I take when linking Rack2-Filer with ScanSnap Organizer?
  9. What precautions should I take when extracting text from generated images when linking Rack2-Filer with ScanSnap S500?
  10. What precautions should I take when using high resolution data?
  11. What precautions should I take when linking Rack2-Filer with ScanSnap S500?
  12. What precautions should I take when importing PDF files?
  13. Can I cause any problems by turning off my computer while Rack2 Folder Monitor Software is running?
  14. What precautions should I take when using Windows® "System Restore"?


  1. Can I specify a LibRoot folder as a network folder?
  2. The following are error messages that may appear when using the "Scan to Google Docs(TM)" function.
    • "Failed to save to Google Docs(TM). (400) Ending this process."
    • "An internal error occurred. (403)"


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